OBH Nordica Affiliate Program

Join the OBH Nordica affiliate program to collaborate with a well-established Nordic brand that offers a diverse selection of home electronics. You'll have access to exclusive discount codes, regular advertising campaigns, and attractive commission rates, giving you ample opportunities to promote and earn from innovative and stylish products that simplify people's lives.

The affiliate program for OBH Nordica is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

OBH Nordica is a well-known brand that sells a variety of products, including kitchen, home cleaning, personal care, and other electronics and accessories. They offer VIP discounts to their community members, making it easier for them to find affordable solutions for their everyday needs. With a focus on innovative and smart products in stylish design, OBH Nordica aims to create solutions that simplify people's lives.

In their webshop, they have a wide selection of products for every room at home, including vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, food preparation electronics, tools, and hair care electronics. They currently have over 200 products available for sale online. Collaborating with OBH Nordica means partnering with a well-established Nordic brand that actively markets to Swedish and Nordic consumers. They welcome partners who are interested in improving their homes, simplifying their daily lives, and exploring new things in the kitchen.

The benefits of joining the OBH Nordica affiliate program include being associated with a trusted brand that regularly introduces new products. They offer a wide range of electronics for every room at home, providing partners with a diverse selection to promote. Partners also have the opportunity to receive exclusive discount codes and participate in regular advertising campaigns. The commission rate varies between 2-7%, depending on the partnership. Cashback partners receive a 7% commission.

There are some rules regarding discount codes. Affiliates are not allowed to use discount codes from e-mails, paper mailings, or any other advertising directly sent by OBH Nordica to its customers. Commission will not be paid for sales generated with such discount codes. However, affiliates are allowed to market discount codes provided by OBH Nordica through the network. If approved as a voucher publisher, affiliates must ensure that they only publish current offers and discount codes.

Please note that CSS Google Shopping/Bing Shopping activity can only be run with specific written permission from the advertiser or the network account manager. Sales tracked without this permission may be rejected. Additionally, brand bidding on 'OBH Nordica' or misspelling of its name is forbidden for CSS (Google Shopping/Bing Shopping) activity. Search engine marketing (SEM) is not allowed.

Who offers the OBH Nordica affiliate program and how can I join?

The OBH Nordica partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

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