Взахлеб Affiliate Program

Join the Vzakhleb affiliate program to promote a popular entertainment app that offers a wide range of engaging content, including short stories, chat scripts, books, and chat quests. With its unique collection of captivating stories, the app appeals to a broad audience, making it a lucrative niche to tap into. Additionally, the app provides opportunities for users to immerse themselves in the emotions of the characters, uncover secrets, and experience the thrill of different storylines. Partnering with Vzakhleb allows affiliates to earn commission from conversions on Android devices, providing a profitable incentive to join the program.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Books and audiobooks, anime fanfiction and manga, 18+ stories and adventures Join the Vzakhleb [CPI, Android] RU affiliate program Do you like reading or listening to stories? Then check out the Vzakhleb app! Instead of long texts, read and listen to short captivating stories, chat scripts, books, and chat quests! There are many stories and they are all different: scary, mystical, creepy, and of course, romantic from our 'romance club'. Feel the emotions of the characters online: peer into their correspondence, uncover secrets, and find out how their story will end. Requirements for the affiliate program: Geo: RU Target Audience: Male+Female, 18 years and older, average and higher income SOFT KPI: 1% conversion rate for Android. Tracker Appmetrica. Name of event (action) in the tracker from KPI - Purchase. Allowed sources: in-app MyTarget Youtube Telegram Yandex contextual advertising network Social networks Publics. Prohibited sources: Google Tik-Tok Adult Additional materials and Creatives: Official creatives from the advertiser are expected. If unauthorized creatives are detected, the publisher is blacklisted and installations are not paid! Own advertising materials must be coordinated with your personal manager or through tickets. In the subject of the letter, indicate your login and the offer name. Example: 'Creatives from user3566 for Vzakhleb [CPI, Android] RU' After reaching 100 installations - please stop the traffic and contact the manager for traffic quality. Best regards, the affiliate network team!

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