Divine Ark RU + CIS Affiliate Program

Join the Divine Ark affiliate program to become a part of the ultimate fantasy MMORPG experience. With its vast world, cutting-edge graphics, and unlimited freedom of action, Divine Ark offers players a truly immersive gaming adventure. The cross-platform feature allows seamless gameplay across devices, attracting a wider audience. Furthermore, the game's inter-server and clan battles provide endless challenges, fostering a strong and engaged community. Don't miss the opportunity to promote Divine Ark and offer your audience an extraordinary gaming experience!

The affiliate program for Divine Ark RU + CIS is available through Admit Ad.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

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Divine Ark is love at first sight and for life! The vast world of Western fantasy, graphics enveloped in magic, cutting-edge special effects, a 360-degree panoramic view, detailed character customization, and unlimited freedom of action - this and much more awaits you in Divine Ark! This cross-platform fantasy MMORPG for smartphones and PCs allows you to play with one account on all devices. Choose one of six classes and step through the portal of time into a fascinating adventure! Immerse yourself in a mountain of content, meet new friends and enemies, and maybe even find love! Play and trade with friends, acquire magical creatures and summon spirits, and fully engage in inter-server and clan battles - treacherous enemies lurk at every step!

The heavenly ark, masterfully created by myriad stars by ancient gods, suddenly cracked to its foundation and shattered into thousands of fragments, shrouded in a veil of darkness. Countless hordes of the lord of the abyss and the dragon of primeval chaos are raging everywhere. Only the chosen hero, who manages to unravel the secrets of the ark and find its crystal heart, will crush the forces of chaos and become an immortal guardian of the world - the hope is only on you! Unleash the secrets of the Divine Ark!

Six classes to choose from - abyss courier, dancer, warrior, mage, assassin, and archer

Create your unique look - the latest customization is available to everyone

A huge and beautiful Western fantasy world

Lots of equipment and ways to enhance it, as well as super weapons - lost crosstrainer

Bloody battles on land and sea - many types of PVE and PVP gameplay

A branching skill system that allows you to create your own strategy

Free class change at any time

Who offers the Divine Ark RU + CIS affiliate program and how can I join?

The Divine Ark RU + CIS partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

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