Planted Seeds Affiliate Program

Join Planted Seeds' affiliate program to promote their premium organic sea moss products that offer numerous health benefits. By supporting sustainability and local communities, you can align yourself with their mission and earn commissions from a targeted lifestyle-oriented audience.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Planted Seeds offers a variety of organic sea moss products that are packed with 92 trace minerals, essential for the body's well-being. This nutrient-dense superfood is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also aids in collagen production, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels. Our sea moss gel is a healthy choice as it is free from fat, sugar, and gluten. We take pride in our range of sea moss products, which include 5 different types of sea moss gels and 2 types of dry sea moss. Sea moss is widely recognized for its healing properties, anti-inflammatory benefits, and anti-aging effects due to its rich mineral content. At Planted Seeds, we ensure the highest quality by offering pure sea moss that can be consumed directly, used in various recipes and smoothies, or applied topically for healthier hair and skin. One of our core values is sustainability, and we strive to minimize our impact on the environment by practicing eco-friendly methods. Our commitment goes beyond just sourcing responsible and ethical ingredients, as we also aim to support local communities. By joining our affiliate program, you will not only earn a 10% commission but also align yourself with our mission of delivering premium sea moss products to health-conscious consumers. Partnering with us is an opportunity to connect with a lifestyle-oriented audience actively seeking top-quality health and wellness solutions. With prices ranging from $20 to $45, we offer affordable options for everyone, and orders worth $75 or more benefit from free shipping.

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