Well-be Affiliate Program

Join the Well-be affiliate program to offer your audience a reliable source for vitamins, cosmetics, and healthy food. With an extensive range of authentic products and a focus on enhancing vitality and productivity, it's an opportunity to provide value and meet the needs of health-conscious individuals.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

WELLBE is an online store for vitamins, cosmetics, and healthy food with iHerb. The project was launched in collaboration with the creators of iHerb in Russia. You can order over 25,000 products from iHerb. We deliver directly from manufacturers' warehouses in the USA and Europe. Well-be.ru is an online store for vitamins, skincare products, and household chemicals. We source products directly from manufacturers' warehouses in the USA and deliver them all over Russia. Our key partner is the supplier for the iHerb online store, and we guarantee the authenticity of all products. We make the lives of people who care about their well-being easier and more convenient, and we strive to create the best service in the market.

Advantages for customers: Widest range of products - 30,000 items Authenticity of all products, direct sourcing from suppliers in the USA. Over 300 American brands Fast support

Target audience profile: Family moms, aged 35 to 55 on average. Moderate income, mainly from major cities. Performers: athletes, biohackers, and others. Gender is not important. Age range from 25 to 45 years. IT, professional sports.

Popular products: D3 Omega-3 Magnesium Iron Zinc B vitamins Men's health support products

Brand positioning recommendations: Increase your vitality Improve your well-being Listen to your energy state Learn how to increase your productivity Enrich your diet with quality dietary supplements Speed up your efficiency

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