lululemon Affiliate Program

By joining lululemon's affiliate program, you can tap into the popularity of the activewear niche and promote their high-quality gear. With their emphasis on comfort, performance, and a diverse range of activities, they attract a wide audience. Offering a 5% commission rate, a 30-day cookie period, and free shipping and returns, lululemon's program provides attractive incentives for affiliates. Partnering with a well-known brand like lululemon enhances credibility and opens up opportunities to earn passive income by promoting their sought-after activewear.

The affiliate program for lululemon is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

lululemon designs and produces high-performance activewear for various activities such as yoga, running, training, swimming, and travel. Their gear is lightweight, stretchy, and moisture-wicking, providing comfort and confidence during any movement. Established in 1998, lululemon not only creates activewear but also fosters global communities that explore the benefits of movement for overall health and wellbeing. The Sweatlife embodies their essence, with an emphasis on sweating, personal growth, and connection. They encourage individuals to engage in a diverse range of activities like cycling, hiking, Pilates, dance, and more. Regardless of the activity, if it makes you sweat, lululemon has got you covered. Join their program today to get involved.

lululemon's affiliate program offers exciting opportunities for individuals to partner with a brand that specializes in high-performance activewear. By promoting their products, affiliates can earn a 5% commission on sales, benefit from a 30-day cookie period, and promote an average order value of over €100. Additionally, customers enjoy free shipping and returns. The program covers various categories, including clothing, athletic gear, athleisure, and footwear for both men and women. With their broad range of activewear, lululemon caters to the needs and preferences of diverse communities. Joining their affiliate program enables affiliates to tap into a popular niche that emphasizes the importance of movement and provides high-quality activewear for a wide range of activities.


Who offers the lululemon affiliate program and how can I join?

The lululemon partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the lululemon Affiliate Program to promote?

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