FiorInMissione Affiliate Program

By joining the FiorInMIssione affiliate program, you can contribute to improving individual well-being by promoting the use of natural health techniques and addressing the root cause of physical and emotional issues. As an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to share the experiences and expertise of the founders, Barbara Manferdini and Massimo Salvagno, and help others find lasting solutions to their health problems. With the increasing demand for holistic approaches, partnering with FiorInMIssione can be a rewarding opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives and contribute to creating a healthier world.

The affiliate program for FiorInMissione is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

The courses are amateur and professional. It integrates through the 7 elements that we are made of, the different techniques of natural health. The goal is to bring well-being to the person but without forgetting to eliminate the cause of the problem.

The FiorInMIssione project was born from the experience of Vita and then the professional experience of Barbara Manferdini and Massimo Salvagno. Since 2013, we have given life to this shared experience, shared because everyone has their own, but interdependent from the lives of others.

Throughout these years, we have helped thousands of people to truly feel well, but that is not what matters. You are the one who is important, you are at the center of our work. You, understood as a combination of different levels, 7 different but synergistic levels, from the physical to the most energetic, with your relationships, struggles, problems but also desires and needs.

We come from different stories ranging from serious health problems to conditioning life choices, events that have pushed us to change our point of view and seek different solutions from those usually proposed.

So it doesn't matter if we have experienced: important losses, disabling menstrual pain for almost 10 years, chronic dental problems, failures, insidious dermatitis, career changes to pursue one's 'calling', a huge ovarian cyst never operated on, etc... elaborated and overcome things that we have made room for in order to truly feel well. What matters to us is whether you or others in the world need and want to get out of similar situations: physical, emotional, family, work-related problems... these are all, without exception, opportunities!

A change of perspective is fundamental, this change of perspective has led us to the desire to share our experience on a large scale by designing courses for private individuals and professionals who want to implement work tools.

Expanding the vision, as it happened to us, will allow us to understand and solve where others cannot, because it is necessary to go to the root cause of the problem by knowing more techniques that work synergistically.

All this has led us to: research, study, question ourselves every minute of our lives, listen before thinking, learn from our mistakes/failures.

One day, tired of: seeing devastated people searching for a solution for years, seeing children and families suffer from simple problems that can be solved, knowing that there are definitive explanations and remedies, we decided to make our experience accessible to others, first in person and then online, to help more people.

The true solution can only be found by looking at the person from all points of view, the 7 elements that condition or solve.

Our desire is to no longer see people and children with ruined lives in constant search of solutions. Every time a person finds a solution, it is not just a life that changes, but that person belongs to a family, lives in a workplace, interacts in different contexts. The better people can truly feel, the better the world will be.

Who offers the FiorInMissione affiliate program and how can I join?

The FiorInMissione partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.