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Join RED's affiliate program to promote an innovative brand in the household appliances and electronics niche. Benefit from their extensive range of products, including personal assistant robots and electric transport. Their loyal target audience, along with their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, ensures high conversion rates and potential for attractive commissions.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

RED is an innovative project in the field of household appliances and electronics. The team behind it has a successful 15-year experience in creating and promoting a well-known brand. The RED brand offers a wide range of household appliances for home and kitchen, as well as unique product categories for the Russian market, such as personal assistant robots and electric transport. Their future plans include expanding the range to include major appliances, audio systems, health and sports products, and pet supplies.

Advantages for customers include innovative products with modern design and functionality, the development of their own smart home ecosystem called SKY, and unique product categories like the personal assistant robot REDDY, the first Russian-produced electric bike MARS, and the smart garden (a tabletop hydroponic installation with grow lights). They also provide excellent customer service.

The target audience consists of people aged 25-35 with an active lifestyle and above-average income. There are two categories within this group: singles and families. Singles are men and women aged 25-34, living in large cities, focusing on work, self-improvement, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Families are men and women aged 35-54, married with children. They want to make their lives easier by purchasing quality appliances.

Popular products for the home include the smart robot vacuum cleaner RV-RL6000S, the vertical wireless vacuum cleaners RV-UR3100 and RV-UR3200, the steam generator RSS-5906, the ultrasonic humidifier RHF-3340, and the hairdryer RF-500. For the kitchen, there is the smart multi-cooker RMC-M800S, compact coffee machines RCM-1540 and RCM-1550, grills RGM-M805 and RGM-G850P, the kitchen machine RKM-4021, and the smart oven RO-5727S. They also offer personal assistant robots like REDDY Air and SE, as well as the electric bike MARS.

The brand positioning recommendations for RED focus on innovation and advanced technology. By implementing cutting-edge technologies, they quickly respond to the needs of modern people who strive to elevate their daily life to a new level of comfort, simplicity, and enjoyment. Their goal is to bring innovations to everyday life, simplify household chores, and provide enjoyment in cleaning, cooking, and self-care. They offer smart appliances and solutions with advanced industrial technology. They are also known for their fast release of new products into the market.

Who offers the affiliate program and how can I join?

The partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

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