Cruzeiro do Sul Affiliate Program

Join the University Cruzeiro do Sul affiliate program to benefit from the high payout for each registration made on the official campaign page. By promoting education and helping users enroll in courses, you can earn commissions and sustain a long-term partnership.

The affiliate program for Cruzeiro do Sul is available through .

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

The owner of this account has not yet written a summary description. Cruzeiro do Sul University Lead Generation Campaign focused on generating user registration interested in enrolling in university courses. PAYOUT CPL: R$ 50.00 per registration made on the official campaign page. The lead will be validated in cases where the customer registers, even if they do not enroll. However, enrollment is an important factor for the customer to continue an always-on campaign. ATTRIBUTION MODEL: Last click the network, considering direct and organic traffic within the 30-day cookie. Warning: This campaign has a specified investment value and is subject to immediate pause. Restrictions: Affiliates cannot activate Google Search and cannot create their own pieces.

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