Повелитель Небес RU + CIS Affiliate Program

Join the Espritgames affiliate program and partner with us to promote Повелитель Небес, a fantasy RPG that offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience featuring world bosses, divine rebirths, PVP tournaments, and alliance activities. With the program's new rules and targeted advertising, you can effectively market to men aged 25+, maximizing your conversions and payout. Join now and start earning with Espritgames!

The affiliate program for Повелитель Небес RU + CIS is available through Admit Ad.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Espritgames invites you to play Повелитель Небес [SOI] RU + CIS, a game where you help save the celestial beings and restore balance. The lord of demons has kidnapped the celestial beings and plunged the world into chaos. Take on the role of the chosen hero of the sky, fight numerous monsters, strengthen your body and spirit, improve your equipment, and become stronger. In your adventures, you will be aided by a loyal steed and a reliable beast. Over time, as you cleanse the land of corruption, you can even achieve divine rebirth and acquire your celestial palace! The game features a variety of mechanisms for enhancing your hero; engaging alliance activities; your own celestial palace; battles with powerful world bosses; intense PVP tournaments; and diverse character appearances.

Espritgames’ new rules of work with creative materials require all proprietary creative materials to be approved by ticket or personal manager. In the case of unapproved creative materials, materials without advertising marks – traffic will be rejected and webmasters will be removed from the program. When using targeted advertising such as MyTarget and VKontakte, the target audience must be men aged 25 or older. The test limit before receiving feedback is 100 registrations for any period of time. All proprietary creative materials must be sent to the advertiser for approval. The use of unapproved materials is strictly prohibited. The use of Kadam and Teasernet services is strictly forbidden. Mobile traffic is strictly prohibited. Target audience: men aged 25 and older, please take note. For any questions, please contact technical support or your personal manager. Please note that if the test limit is exceeded without prior agreement on further work, we cannot guarantee payment for unapproved conversions by the advertiser. Finally, subscribe to the telegram channel for network games to stay informed about changes and news related to game offers.

Who offers the Повелитель Небес RU + CIS affiliate program and how can I join?

The Повелитель Небес RU + CIS partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

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