Arganwinkel Affiliate Program

Joining's affiliate program offers the opportunity to earn high commission for promoting high-quality, organic beauty products to a target audience of conscious women aged 35 to 55 who are interested in natural care products without chemical ingredients. Additionally, uses Google Remarketing to generate referrals and continuously optimizes their webshop for the best possible conversion rates.

The affiliate program for Arganwinkel is available through DaisyCon.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program? is an online store that specializes in Argan Oil, a 100% organic cosmetic for skin, hair, and nails that is rapidly gaining popularity. They have a 9.6 customer satisfaction score and have made it to the number 1 position in categories of beauty and wellness, skin care and hair care at Argan oil's unique composition makes it suitable for various applications such as promoting elasticity and softness of the skin, giving hair elasticity and shine, and strengthening nails and cuticles. continuously optimizes their webshop with professional copy, design, and multivariate testing to achieve the best possible conversion rates. Their offer is exclusive and not in regular stores, and they have virtually no returns. is ideal for women aged 35 to 55 who are interested in natural care products without chemical ingredients.

As a publisher, you will receive 30% of the order value, which is the highest percentage in the category 'Health & Beauty' in the network. Additionally, uses Google Remarketing to refer visitors who haven't made a purchase back to their site, and you will still receive your commission if the referred visitor makes a purchase. If you provide with more than 30 orders per month, your commission will increase to 35%. They offer safe payment options via Extended Validation SSL connection with iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, debit, or COD. Orders are approved within a week, and you will always receive your commission after a successful order. proposes a wide range of promotional material such as different sizes of banners and text links, and you can request customized promotional material by contacting them at

If you're looking for high-quality Argan Oil and want to promote it on your website, is your strong web partner. Join their affiliate program for a chance to earn a high commission and offer your audience natural care products without chemical ingredients.

What commission can I earn promoting the Arganwinkel affiliate program?

Commission is available at a rate of 15%.

Who offers the Arganwinkel affiliate program and how can I join?

The Arganwinkel partner program is available through DaisyCon. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the Arganwinkel Affiliate Program to promote?

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