Lavinia Affiliate Program

Joining Lavinia's affiliate program is a great opportunity for wine enthusiasts and business owners looking to boost their wine sales and brand awareness. With a wide selection of wine references, fast international delivery, climate-controlled warehouses, and high commission rates, Lavinia provides an excellent service that creates customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The affiliate program for Lavinia is available through TradeTracker.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Lavinia is a wine shop with over 4500 references and they sell in Spain, Europe, the United States, and Japan. Their average basket size is 150€ and has an average conversion rate of 1.2%. They deliver their orders within 24/48h (in mainland Spain) and they have climate-controlled warehouses to preserve wine. Their Trustpilot rating is Excellent with a 4.6 out of 5. Lavinia is among the top 3 online wine shops in Spain and the first in terms of a physical store. Their goal is to increase the number of sales from new customers and brand awareness outside of Madrid. Commission per valid sale: New customers: 8.8%. Recurring customers: 4%.

What commission can I earn promoting the Lavinia affiliate program?

Commission is available at a rate of 8%.

Who offers the Lavinia affiliate program and how can I join?

The Lavinia partner program is available through TradeTracker. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the Lavinia Affiliate Program to promote?

Here are some alternatives to the Lavinia Affiliate Program.