Ceneo Affiliate Program

Joining the Ceneo.pl affiliate program presents an opportunity to leverage the Poland-based e-commerce service's massive reach and user base. The program is designed to enable publishers to earn attractive commission rates and access a variety of available banners. The strict rules are in place to ensure compliance with the program's guidelines and protect publishers' commissions. Ultimately, the Ceneo.pl affiliate program presents a unique opportunity to increase your online sales in Poland.

The affiliate program for Ceneo is available through Admit Ad.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Ceneo.pl is the second-largest e-commerce service in Poland, with over 18,000 online stores. Every day, it helps millions of users find products and attractive store offers. The Ceneo affiliate program [CPC] PL offers publishers an attractive rate of 0.20 PLN per click from Ceneo.pl to store pages, a 90-day cookie lifetime, and a wide list of banners available for use. Allowed GEO: Poland only. Other countries are not permitted.

The program allows traffic to be directed directly to the Ceneo.pl page. Auto redirects are not allowed. Allowed traffic types: content pages - only in Polish language, Facebook groups, bloggers, email marketing, couponers, targeted advertising on social media, banner-teaser network (display).

There is a list of categories on the Ceneo.pl website that should be excluded from promotion. Commission for clicks from these categories will not be charged. Please check the links and categories used carefully. Excluded categories include: erotica, outlet, foreign stores, cars, newsstand, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, militaria and shooting, liability and auto insurance, and gifts.

Google Ads campaign policy: a complete ban on conducting a branded campaign, as well as Google Ads campaigns with the direction of traffic to Ceneo.pl. Prohibition of running Google Ads using the Ceneo brand (and brand typos) and directing traffic to its own page with further redirection to the Ceneo.pl page or auto redirects to store pages placed on Ceneo.pl. Negative keywords are also not allowed.

The program has detailed terms and conditions, and if there are any doubts about the possibility of cooperation with the Ceneo.pl partner program or the list of permissible types of traffic, please contact us to clarify. By eliminating any potential concerns from the start will help avoid canceled clicks and commissions due to running activities that do not comply with the partner program rules.

Who offers the Ceneo affiliate program and how can I join?

The Ceneo partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the Ceneo Affiliate Program to promote?

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