Airo Affiliate Program

Join Airo's affiliate program to tap into the growing demand for professional cleaning services. With a wide range of cleaning options, affordable prices, and a strong customer service, Airo stands out in the market. Partnering with Airo gives you the opportunity to promote a trusted brand and earn commission from the increasing number of customers seeking reliable dry cleaning and laundry services.

The affiliate program for Airo is available through Admit Ad.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Dry cleaning with delivery: the courier will pick up the items today. ATTENTION! The order amount is not fixed immediately, as it is impossible to determine the final amount right away. Once a month, the amount will be adjusted. Orders placed through phone calls are tracked using the call-tracking system and must be paid for. Airo - a household service. Dry cleaning of clothing, home textiles, and shoes with delivery, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and mattresses, apartment cleaning. Briefly about the services:

- Dry cleaning with delivery and shoe repair The courier picks up the items and shoes, and after a couple of days, brings everything clean and repaired. We clean clothes, shoes, bedding, carpets, curtains, and much more. - Apartment cleaning Supporting General After renovation Cottage cleaning One cleaner with the necessary inventory and chemicals comes for supporting cleaning, in other cases, a team of several cleaners and a supervisor arrives. Advantages for webmasters CR site -14% CR from inquiries to orders - 60% Call-tracking - all paid orders from calls are considered by the webmaster A large number of discounts and promotions We can customize the landing page for webmasters Regular updating of promotional materials Regular usability testing of the site to increase conversion Availability of landing pages for popular services Portrait of the target audience: Geography - Moscow and St. Petersburg Age - 25-34, 34-45 years 70% women 30% men Income - average, above average The basis of our customers are: Office workers with a dress code (clean shirts, suits, shoes) in advertising system settings: - targeting by professions: bank workers, financiers, senior management, civil servants, etc. - targeting by interests: finance, business, investments, etc. Shopaholics - the basis of the audience are women (clean cashmere, wool, silk, delicate fabrics, shirts, etc.) In advertising system settings, these are users with high online shopping activity Moms (cleaning laundry, children's clothes, husband's shirts, and suits) 30% discount on children's clothing up to size 36, does not apply to shoes. 70% of orders from mobile devices Devices - 68% mobile, 26% desktop, 6% tablet. Advantages for buyers affordable prices strong customer service couriers are available until 23:00 popular promotions - 5 shirts for 1690 rubles, 5 kg of laundry for 1890 rubles Payment methods: by card, in cash, through a bank account operators actively communicate in Telegram, Facebook Messenger, VK, Instagram Direct good reviews, 94% of reviews with a rating of 4 and 5 SMS notifications at all stages of order fulfillment Dry cleaning and laundry services. We clean and wash: Office clothing - Shirt, Blouse, Trousers, Jacket, Tie, Men's suit, Women's suit with a straight skirt Casual clothing - Jeans, Sweatshirt, T-shirt, Polo, Cardigan, Sweater, Dress, Skirt, Shorts, Tank top, Underwear, Panties, Socks, Pajamas, Vest, Sundress Outerwear - Down jacket, Jacket (leather, suede, nubuck), Denim jacket, Windbreaker, Coat For home - Bed linen (kg), Curtains, Tulle, Pillow, Bedspread, Towel, Napkins, Tablecloth, Furniture cover, Blanket, Laundry washing, Soft toy Leather and fur (leather, suede, nubuck, natural and artificial fur) - Jacket, Fur coat, Leather coat, Vest, Jumpsuit, Combined jacket (textile, leather, suede), Fur vest, Leather down jacket, Hat, Scarf Accessories - Bag, Gloves, Scarf, Headgear, Scarf, Swimsuit, Hat Laundry - Wash + dry (kg), Wash + iron (kg), 5 Shirts, Bed linen - wash + iron (kg), 5 kg of bed linen - wash + iron, 10 kg of bed linen - wash + iron Shoes - Boots, Ankle boots, UGG boots, Shoes, Sneakers For a wedding - Wedding dress, Veil, Dress Other - Workwear, Ski pants, Ski jacket, Sleeping bag, Ski gloves

Who offers the Airo affiliate program and how can I join?

The Airo partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the Airo Affiliate Program to promote?

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