Tinkoff Bank - Дебетовая карта Affiliate Program

Does Tinkoff Bank - Дебетовая карта have an affiliate program?

The affiliate program for Tinkoff Bank - Дебетовая карта is available through Admit Ad.

Customers can apply for the Tinkoff Black card with a "MIR" payment system, which provides up to a 30% cashback in rubles. Additionally, customers can earn an annual 6% interest on the remaining balance of their debit card if they have a Tinkoff Pro subscription.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Tinkoff Bank offers several debit card options with different benefits. The Tinkoff Black card comes with a cashback reward of up to 30% on purchases, along with a 6% annual interest rate on the balance and free account maintenance with the Tinkoff Pro subscription. However, webmasters are advised to stop traffic after reaching 10 leads and wait for verification. It is important to note payment is only made to webmasters for new client sign-ups, and Tinkoff Bank has stopped issuing Tinkoff Black cards with Visa payment systems.

For those with Tinkoff Black cards with a Pro, Premium, or Private subscription, the annual interest rate is 7%, while non-subscribers receive a 4% annual interest rate. Additionally, customers earn 1% cashback on all purchases with every spent 100 rubles. The card also offers free transfers to other bank cards up to 20,000 rubles monthly, free cash deposits, and withdrawals up to 300,000 rubles per month.

Tinkoff Junior is a card for children with no account maintenance fees and 1% cashback for regular purchases, up to 2% for online shopping, and up to 30% for special partner offers. The card comes with a pocket money account with a return of up to 17% per year and instant, commission-free transfers from parents’ cards to their children's. Parents can monitor children’s spending and set buying and withdrawal limits.

The Tinkoff Black card for youth targets individuals aged 14 to 22 with free account maintenance, 10% cashback on restaurant purchases for six months, up to 30% on partner offers, free transfers to other banks, and free stickers. Tinkoff Bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Russia but prohibits traffic from Facebook and Instagram ads.

Who offers the Tinkoff Bank - Дебетовая карта affiliate program and how can I join?

The Tinkoff Bank - Дебетовая карта partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

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