Мегафон Affiliate Program

Join Megafon's affiliate program to work with a reputable company in the online electronics store niche. Benefit from the brand recognition, high conversion rates, and a wide selection of quality advertising materials. The program also offers the opportunity to promote smartphones, tablets, accessories, and memorable numbers, attracting customers interested in the latest technology and communication solutions.

The affiliate program for Мегафон is available through Admit Ad.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Attention! The bonus program is in effect! Connect to the official online store 'Megafon'! About the store: Welcome to the online store of Megafon company! In our online store, you can purchase smartphones and tablets from leading manufacturers, as well as accessories for them. You can also connect to Megafon tariff plans and choose a memorable number yourself using various selection methods. For example, you can search for a number containing your favorite number or similar to your home phone number, with repeated digits or including a memorable date. Our website presents our branded modems and routers, which will allow you to always stay connected!

Target audience: Advantages for webmasters: 1. Working with a large stable company 2. Brand recognition 3. High conversion rate 4. Wide selection of quality advertising materials Additional conditions: Strictly prohibited: - Contextual advertising, brand advertising, in particular using keywords: megafon promo code, promo code megafon shop, megafon shop promo code, megafon official website promotion, megafon website promotion, megafon online store promotions, shop megafon ru promotions; - The use of Doorway, toolbars, iframes, browser extensions, and other methods of manipulation, when a visitor goes to shop.megafon.ru against their will; - The use of adult traffic; - Placing promotions without a valid promo code (listing promotions stating 'Coupon not required'); - In the company name 'Megafon', the letters 'M' and 'F' must always be capitalized. This rule applies to all texts. The company name is declined and written without quotation marks, except for the phrases PJSC 'Megafon' and Megafon company; - Coupon sites are connected by written agreement. For using unauthorized creatives or types/forms of traffic, all leads will be rejected and not paid for. Orders for the category of 'online cash registers' are not paid by the advertiser. Refilling a mobile phone account and similar actions are not paid by the advertiser. 4th and all subsequent orders from the same user within one month are not paid From June 27, 2018, orders from cashback services, using promo codes and discount coupons, are paid at a reduced rate - 2% from June 27, 2023, for connections worth 100 rubles or less, no reward is awarded! Also, payment for all orders, regardless of the region, will not be made if there has been a refund or orders have not been fully redeemed. Partial payment of reward is allowed for partial redemption of an order. The reward for the category 'Televisions' is correctly recalculated only during reconciliation. Orders placed by affiliated individuals and representatives of the Company will undergo additional checks for compliance with the Company's internal rules at the reconciliation stage. From August 1, new conditions for payment of orders from legal entities will start: 1. We do not pay for purchases made by legal entities - the 4th and subsequent ones within a month 2. We keep standard rates for small individual orders for legal entities 3. For legal entity orders that contain a mass quantity of items and exceed a commission of 10,000 rubles before VAT, we pay a fixed commission of 10,000 rubles before VAT to webmasters The reward amount may change during processing and reconciliation and will be correctly displayed after the order confirmation. Logos You can familiarize yourself with an example description of the affiliate program here. Attention! Only orders from the website shop.megafon.ru are considered! Orders from the website megafon.ru will not be considered!

Who offers the Мегафон affiliate program and how can I join?

The Мегафон partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the Мегафон Affiliate Program to promote?

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