hh Affiliate Program

Joining the hh.ru affiliate program offers access to a vast resume database, a broad range of industries and professions, and an opportunity to earn rewards through an extensive range of traffic sources. hh.ru offers a high conversion rate thanks to brand awareness and globally recognized services, making it an ideal partner for companies looking to expand into the Russian job market.

The affiliate program for hh is available through Admit Ad.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

For over 20 years, hh.ru has been helping companies find employees through their job search platform in Moscow. On hh.ru, employers can post job ads, publish vacancies with auto-updates, and access their resume database.

The \"New Employer Payment\" offer provides payment for the first purchase of any service made by a verified new employer. The conditions of the offer include the client not previously being registered on hh.ru, providing valid contact information which can be used by first-line service support, submitting confirmation of the legal status of the employer, being located in Russia, and showing interest in using the online recruitment HeadHunter platform.

Pricing details can be found at https://hh.ru/price. Fraudulent orders will be rejected. Non-qualifying orders include clients not being aware of their registration on HeadHunter, clients who do not fit the target audience or demographic, or clients who are motivated to register and make a purchase strictly for reward incentivization or fraud. Customers who were referred to hh.ru from competitor websites, or from a violation of rules under this offer, will also be disqualified.

Join the hh.ru affiliate program today. With almost 200,000 company users, hh.ru is the largest online recruitment platform in Russia. Their extensive database of candidates contains over 40 million resumes, with an average daily posting of more than 450,000 vacancies. The SimilarWeb report lists hh.ru as a consistent top-five job search and staffing portal worldwide, while it ranks first in Russia in this market category. The audience targets working executives, managers, and professionals who are interested in market trends and analyzing job conditions.

Benefits of joining the hh.ru affiliate program include high conversion rate due to brand awareness and vast resume resources, with almost all traffic sources allowed. Partners also receive competitive rewards with customizable advertising materials available. If partners are designing their own advertising material, it is recommended that they align them with the hh.ru brandbook and get material design approval before proceeding.

To promote targeted traffic, hh.ru recommends employers to use their employer-specific pages as landing pages. These pages include https://hh.ru/b2b, https://hh.ru/price/, https://hh.ru/employer/, https://hh.ru/resumesearch/, and more. Partners can also explore targeted employer pages and job vacancies according to their profession and resume search criteria. Please note that generating a partner link for the chosen landing page is necessary, while all competitor brand names and key terms in contextual advertising campaigns are prohibited from use.

Who offers the hh affiliate program and how can I join?

The hh partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the hh Affiliate Program to promote?

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