CHEEX Affiliate Program

Join CHEEX to be part of a mission-driven company that promotes sexual freedom and offers highly competitive commission rates. With CHEEX, you can provide your audience with a safe and ethical porn experience, along with valuable educational resources to explore their sexual selves. The platform's mobile-optimized site ensures affiliate sales are tracked through mobile, and exclusive perks like a free CHEEX subscription and dedicated support are available for content creators and influencers.

The affiliate program for CHEEX is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

CHEEX is a platform that advocates a new, normative approach towards sexuality. The platform offers free magazines and podcasts, as well as erotic films, sexy audio stories, and regular online workshops for its subscribers. CHEEX believes that a fulfilled sexual life is a crucial component of a happy life, and hence aims to aid everyone in exploring their sexual selves without any inhibitions. It achieves this goal by showing intimacy in a way that is humane, pleasure-inducing, and consensual, thereby taking a clear stance in the field.

CHEEX charges 14.90 euros monthly for unlimited access to all content, which can be canceled flexibly anytime. There is also an annual subscription for 9.90 euros per month. It only provides ethically-produced, pornographic content.

For every new monthly subscription started through our network link, we offer a commission of €5.00, while a yearly subscription brings a commission of €5.00. Every new customer that starts a yearly subscription worth €35.00 through their code and network link receives a commission.

CHEEX aims to create sexual freedom for everyone and provides excellent value with its safe and ethical pornographic experiences, as well as abundant educational resources inclusive of tutorials, recurring workshops with the industry's top experts, and articles. The mobile-optimized website ensures efficient affiliate tracking, and we offer a 30-day cookie length. Our affiliates receive a free CHEEX subscription worth 118.80 EUR and can request the same for two of their friends, while the dedicated affiliate newsletter regularly provides tips, inspiration and updated initiatives for their site/content/social media.

The most popular niche for promoting CHEEX is adult, while the preferred parent niche is online dating. The most suitable SEO title for promoting CHEEX would be 'Find Unlimited Pleasure with CHEEX's Unique Erotic Content Collection.' The corresponding SEO description can be 'CHEEX is the ultimate platform for exploring your sexual self without inhibitions and limitations. Get access to ethically produced erotic films, sexy audio stories, and much more today.'

The suggested keywords to promote CHEEX are: sex-positive platform, ethical pornography, sexual education, consensual intimacy, limitless pleasure, erotic audio, stigma-free workshops, and natural sexuality.

CHEEX helps promote sexual freedom for all, and its mission and exclusive content make it a must-join affiliate program. Joining the program will also help turn something considered once taboo into a broader conversation encompassing human expression and the totality of human experience. Additionally, the program has an impressive commission scheme and offers unique benefits like mobile-optimized platforms and a free subscription for you and two of your friends.

Who offers the CHEEX affiliate program and how can I join?

The CHEEX partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the CHEEX Affiliate Program to promote?

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