ACV Affiliate Program

Join ACV for a reliable partner in mobility protection and breakdown assistance. We're the only automobile club in Germany that provides all of its services regardless of the chosen membership level, and we're up to €60 cheaper than the competition. Members have access to premium services, international coverage, free legal advice, free vehicle valuation, travel services, and more. As Germany's most environmentally friendly automobile club, our transition to a sustainable mobility club makes us a unique partner.

The affiliate program for ACV is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

ACV is a premium automobile club that provides holistic breakdown assistance for cars, bicycles, or motorhomes. It offers 24/7 protection across Europe, a large fleet of breakdown vehicles, and fair prices that are up to 60 € cheaper than the competition! ACV - Automotive Club Traffic ACV Automotive Club Traffic offers mobility protection across Europe, and worldwide in the premium tariff. With access to one of the largest fleets of breakdown vehicles, our members can travel safely and worry-free 24/7.

With over 480,000 members, ACV is the third-largest automobile club in Germany. Additionally, we are the only automobile club in Germany that offers all services independently of the selected membership, and we are up to 60 € cheaper than the competition! Ensuring the mobility of our members is the reason why we exist. This will remain the core, but mobility is evolving and has long been extending beyond cars. As Germany's most eco-friendly automobile club, we will gradually become a sustainable mobility club. We are convinced that mobility and sustainability belong together.

Since the needs of its members are always at the center of ACV, we offer the two basic memberships “Comfort” and “Premium,” which, in turn, can be adapted to your life situation in various versions: ComfortTariYearly feeComfort69 €Comfort Single59 €Comfort Young People49 €Partner29 €Junior0 €PremiumTariYearly feePremium109 €Premium Single99 €Premium Young People89 €Partner29 €Junior0 €Provisions: Depending on the selected membership, we offer different commissions: MembershipCommission in €Comfort Regular Tariff13.00 €Comfort Single9.75 €Comfort Young People6.50 €Premium Regular Tariff20.00 €Premium Single16.00 €Premium Young People12.00 €The benefits of the “Single” and “Young People” tariffs are 100% identical to the respective benefits of the two basic memberships “Comfort” and “Premium.” The only difference is the price (10 € discount for the “Single” tariff and 20 € discount for the “Young People” tariff compared to the standard price). The two tariffs “Partner” and “Junior” are not remunerated. The “Partner” tariff can be additionally subscribed to in both basic memberships for 29 € annually, and extends the benefits to include motor vehicle accident insurance as well as financial subsidies from ACV Club Hilfe for the partner. The “Junior” tariff can be subscribed to free of charge in both basic memberships and extends the benefits to include motor vehicle accident insurance for a minor child. For more information on the memberships and benefits, please see the “Documents” tab.

Publisher Benefits: Large selection of advertising materials, fair compensation, personal point of contact, prompt processing of commissions. Member Benefits: Premium services at a low price, European-wide protection, access to large fleets of breakdown vehicles, free legal advice, free vehicle evaluation, travel services, and much more! Sign up now for the affiliate program and take advantage of our benefits!

Who offers the ACV affiliate program and how can I join?

The ACV partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

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