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If you are looking for a simple and hassle-free way to buy garden sheds or constructions, is the answer. They offer free delivery and competitive prices. Additionally, they offer an extensive range of popular brands, such as GardenAs, Solid, Interflex and Biohort, making it easier to find and purchase the perfect garden shed or log cabin. Finally, with their tips and advice on building and maintaining your own cabin, it is easier than ever to create a unique, custom garden space.

The affiliate program for Tuinhuisstore is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Buying a garden shed at is very easy. They deliver it straight to your home, so you don't have to worry about carrying planks and panels. Delivery is completely free! A garden shed can add real value to your garden. You can use a shed as a garage, office, storage space for gardening tools and equipment, or even as a hobby room. If you want, you can also turn it into a real log cabin and decorate the inside of the cabin so you can use it as a relaxing or guest room! There's nothing more comfortable than sleeping in a cozy one-room house and listening to the gentle rain tapping on the black, green, or red leather roof!

Functionality: A log cabin is more than just a standalone hut; you can also extend it with extra tool shed, a covered area for storing wood, or with a veranda. With a veranda, your log cabin will look like a real chalet! Sit back comfortably under your terrace roof, read a book, or do some desk work. You will notice that with a veranda, you will get more pleasure and enjoyment from your log cabin. Most log cabins are delivered untreated. This means that they are not yet protected against weather conditions or insects such as woodworm. You can easily protect the wood with an impregnation, which will give your cabin a longer life. Alternatively, if you want your shed to look different from the dozens of uninspired sheds that are found in many backyards, consider painting it in unique, tasteful, or child-friendly colors.

Carports and garages: At Tuinhuisstore, you can find more than just garden sheds. We offer all kinds of garden constructions, such as pergolas or carports, at the best prices possible. Did you know that a carport not only serves as a safe spot to park your car, but can also extend your summer season? Prepare a nice floor covering (such as pebbles, tiles or beautiful wooden teak or bankirai), install your most beautiful garden furniture, and enjoy a shaded lunch or dinner with friends. Whether in early spring or the last glimpse of sunshine in October, enjoy your garden for as long as possible! makes it really easy to buy a garden shed. They deliver it straight to your door so you don't have to worry about carrying planks and panels. Plus, their delivery is completely free! Check out their selection of the most popular brands, including GardenAs, Solid, Interflex, and Biohort. All their garden sheds are competitively priced, so it's definitely worth taking a look at their product pages for garden sheds and log cabins. Additionally, building a log cabin yourself is easy. You don't need to be a DIY expert or have any special tools; the instructions that come with the kit will guide you through the process.

Tuinhuis placement: Once you've bought your garden shed, you will need to place it. You have two options: Tuinhuizen from Solid can be installed by Solid themselves, and the price depends on the type of garden shed. Alternatively, you can install the garden shed yourself. For those who choose this option, we have some articles with tips and advice about installing garden sheds.

Maintenance: Don't forget to maintain your log cabin regularly. This can be done by applying a coat of paint or varnish to wooden log cabins. If you chose a pre-treated log cabin at the time of purchase, you won't need to do any maintenance for the first few years. But after a few years, the impact of weathering will accumulate and an environmental shield becomes necessary to extend the life of the cabin.

Who offers the Tuinhuisstore affiliate program and how can I join?

The Tuinhuisstore partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

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