MutuiSupermarket Affiliate Program

Joining MutuiSupermarket's innovative and easy-to-use platform can offer high-quality mortgage leads, high remuneration rates, and high conversion rates. MutuiSupermarket's unique selling points, such as the guarantee of an answer on a mortgage's feasibility within 48 hours and personalized first-level phone assistance, make it an excellent affiliate program to partner and promote in the mortgage comparison niche.

The affiliate program for MutuiSupermarket is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

MutuiSupermarket is an innovative mortgage comparison engine in the market of credit product comparison for families seeking to finance the purchase of their homes, replace and substitute their mortgage, or consolidate their debts. The MutuiSupermarket affiliation program offers competitive remuneration with high conversion rates that can be verified easily by current promoters of the program. The range of products will gradually broaden in the coming months.

MutuiSupermarket is the most innovative online mortgage search and comparison engine for families seeking to finance the purchase of their first or second homes, replace and substitute their mortgage, or consolidate their debts. The MutuiSupermarket affiliation program remunerates the mortgage request (LEAD). The program's objective is to collect high-quality mortgage requests. The mortgage requests will be reviewed, and those with untrue data or an unreachable user will be canceled. The creative materials provided exclusively, such as html forms, banners, and text links, must be used. Collecting data through different or modified forms from the originals is prohibited. MutuiSupermarket is active on major search engines and is closing significant partnerships with leading Italian portals. The target demographic is mainly male, 25 to 45 years old, well-educated, and with a medium to high income. Keywords advertising any activity to promote the MutuiSupermarket program is prohibited.

The success of MutuiSupermarket can be measured by the progressive growth of unique visitors and the mortgage requests collected. In the first three months of activity, MutuiSupermarket managed over 10,000 mortgage requests. The cancellation rate is usually below 30%, including duplicate leads and users who cannot be contacted after five phone calls made within five days of registering the request. The tracking codes must not be modified in any way, and it is impossible to use &ULP=[[]] to modify the available landing pages on the platform. Changing the creative materials/links (even just the landing page) that are already on the platform prevents proper tracking.

MutuiSupermarket is the online mortgage search and comparison engine that rewrites the rules of online mortgage comparison. It allows users to compare over 230 mortgage offers at exclusive rates for free and guarantees an answer on the feasibility of the mortgage within 48 hours and personalized first-level phone assistance. MutuiSupermarket is a young reality, but the management has a long history of success in developing the famous mortgage comparison service MutuiOnline first in Italy. MutuiSupermarket stands out from other online players because of its strong focus on ease of use of service and innovation. It is the first among sector operators in Italy, with a mobile site and a range of advanced tools and calculators, the most prominent being the simulator of the future trend of a variable-rate mortgage installment.

What commission can I earn promoting the MutuiSupermarket affiliate program?

Flat commission is fixed at 21.00.

Who offers the MutuiSupermarket affiliate program and how can I join?

The MutuiSupermarket partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

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