Banana Beauty Affiliate Program

Banana Beauty's unique selling point is their emphasis on naturalness, authenticity, and self-expression. With a strong focus on veganism and animal welfare, they prioritize using natural and synthetic ingredients and avoiding controversial components. They have a diverse and youthful community that values body positivity and women's empowerment, making it an exciting and lucrative affiliate program for those interested in promoting vegan beauty products.

The affiliate program for Banana Beauty is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Banana Beauty's mission is to redefine makeup as a form of self-expression. Their view of beauty is characterized by pleasure, courage, and authenticity. They believe that the key to beauty lies in naturalness and have built a brand that embodies this belief. All their products are vegan and not tested on animals, and they take pride in this fact. Their brand philosophy focuses on authenticity and encourages their customers to express themselves with joy and confidence using their high-quality cosmetics.

Banana Beauty is a young and predominantly female community, mostly between the ages of 18 and 35. They have a strong presence on Instagram, with over 150k followers in France and over 1 million worldwide. As a company, they are committed to promoting authenticity, diversity, body positivity, and women's empowerment. Banana Beauty products focus on using natural and synthetic ingredients, avoiding controversial components and prioritizing effective formulas that are heartwarming to Bananas! All their products comply with strict European standards.

Banana Beauty also has a program for French affiliates, FR1. Affiliate partners can earn a commission of 9% on each validated sale, but only by promoting discount codes available on The Network platform. Banana Beauty does not allow the use of coupons that have not been explicitly approved through The Network, and sales made using non-approved coupons will be voided.

Who offers the Banana Beauty affiliate program and how can I join?

The Banana Beauty partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

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