AutoAid Breakdown Affiliate Program

AutoAid Breakdown stands apart due to its unique coverage that specifically insures the individual driver for breakdowns, regardless of the vehicle being driven. This approach results in cost savings for members, and the ability to add a legally married partner for no extra charge can make this a very attractive option for couples. With an extensive fleet of 5000 vehicles, speedy response times are a top priority, and the company's app and text message notifications add extra convenience and peace of mind.

The affiliate program for AutoAid Breakdown is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

AutoAid Breakdown is a unique UK-wide breakdown service that covers individual drivers anywhere in the country, without regard to the specific vehicle being driven. Rather than insuring the vehicle itself, this membership plan specifically covers the individual behind the wheel. One major benefit is that a legally married spouse or partner can also be added at no extra charge, providing a two-for-one deal. The company has a fleet of more than 5000 vehicles stationed around the UK, and speedy response times are a top priority. In addition to calling the AutoAid Breakdown call center, subscribers can also use a dedicated app to arrange for recovery. By configuring certain permissions, the company's app can even track the member's phone and pinpoint their exact location, to ensure the fastest possible service.

AutoAid Breakdown is a unique service from Right Choice Insurance Brokers that provides UK-wide coverage for individuals, rather than specific vehicles. This service stands apart because it covers the driver specifically, rather than the vehicle. Members can add a spouse or partner at no additional cost, making this a cost-effective option for couples. The company has an extensive fleet of over 5000 vehicles that are ready to help in case of breakdown. Response times are a top priority for AutoAid, with text message notifications and app access available to expedite the process. Right Choice Insurance Brokers are specialists in car and home insurance in the UK, providing a range of options to consumers.

Designed to provide individuals with UK-wide coverage for breakdowns, AutoAid Breakdown is unique in that it specifically covers the person behind the wheel, rather than the vehicle being driven. This approach enables a significant cost savings, as the individual is the only insured party. Members can also add a spouse or partner at no additional cost. The company's extensive UK-wide fleet of over 5000 vehicles are always ready to respond to a breakdown. Members are provided with an estimated arrival time and the name of their recovery agent via text message. The company's app also allows for easy recovery scheduling, and location tracking is possible with member authorization.

Who offers the AutoAid Breakdown affiliate program and how can I join?

The AutoAid Breakdown partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

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